Children’s Eye Exams in Plainville


Caring for Your Child’s Vision

At Eyes on Plainville, our doctors have the expertise to keep your child’s eyes healthy while maintaining their vision. During a regular eye exam, we can make sure your child’s vision needs are being met as they continue to grow and develop. 

Are you ready to schedule your child’s next eye exam?

How Often Should Your Child Visit Us?

If your child is experiencing problems with their vision, you should bring them in to see us right away.

Even if your child isn’t experiencing any eye issues, it’s still important that they see their eye doctor regularly. The American Association of Optometrists recommends that your child:

  • Has their first eye exam when they’re 6–12 months old
  • Gets a second eye exam when they’re 3–5 years old
  • Starts receiving regular yearly exams when they enter the 1st grade until they’re 18

Common Eye Conditions That Affect Children 

Your child’s vision is a vital part of their development. In fact, almost 80% of what your child learns is done visually. Regular eye exams aren’t only essential for maintaining your child’s eye health, but doing so can help them succeed in school, play, and sport. 

Learn about some common eye conditions that can be diagnosed during a regular eye exam.

Crossed Eyes (Strabismus)

If your child has crossed eyes, it simply means that their eyes are misaligned. This common condition is easily treated with eyeglasses but sometimes requires additional treatments such as surgery. To avoid permanent vision loss, it is important for your child to be diagnosed as early as possible.

Lazy eye is a condition where one or both eyes develop abnormally. It occurs when there is a weakening in the eye muscles, which can cause a number of vision problems. Like crossed eyes, lazy eye is typically treated with corrective eyewear. vision therapy, and sometimes surgery. 

If your child is farsighted, it means they can see faraway objects, but they have trouble seeing things when they’re up close. If your child is farsighted, you may notice that they have trouble with up-close tasks like reading or writing. Glasses or contact lenses can help with your child’s farsightedness.

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common vision problem that is on the rise. It usually begins in children between 6 and 14 and affects their distance vision. Luckily, there are many ways to manage myopia. Common treatment options include eyeglasses, contacts, eye drops, orthokeratology, and sometimes laser eye surgery. 

Help Us Help Your Child 

Seeing an optometrist regularly is the best way to support the health of your child’s eyes. At Eyes on Plainville, we will do everything we can to keep your child healthy and happy as they continue to grow and develop. Book your child’s appointment today. 

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