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Boost Your Child’s Vision

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is the most common refractive error affecting children and young adults. If your child has myopia, it means that they can see objects close to them clearly, but have difficulty viewing objects that are far away. 

At Eyes on Plainville, we offer myopia control, so you can be confident that your child’s vision is in good hands. Get help managing your child’s myopia today.

How Does Myopia Affect Your Child?

Myopia is highly prevalent in children and continues to rise. Typically, this eye condition starts developing during early childhood and will continue to progress until your child reaches adulthood. 

Myopia can affect more than distance vision. It can put them at risk for a variety of different eye diseases and conditions.

Myopia Control at Eyes on Plainville 

Regular eye exams are a crucial part of myopia control. The earlier we can find a treatment plan for your child, the lower their chance of myopia impacting their life. 

To effectively manage myopia, we offer a fully customizable myopia control program. Depending on how far your child’s myopia has progressed and other factors such as individual needs and lifestyle, we may use any number of the following solutions: 

These treatments combined with regular in-depth examinations can effectively manage and prevent any vision issues caused by myopia. 

Control Your Child’s Myopia Today

It can be difficult to know if your child is having vision problems, which makes regular eye exams even more important for your child.

Protect and preserve your child’s vision by bringing them in for an exam.

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