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Why Should I Buy Glasses From My Optometrist?


Buying almost anything online has become incredibly convenient, including glasses. However, when it comes to something as vital as your vision, convenience shouldn’t always be the deciding factor. 

While online and cheaper alternatives to prescription glasses may seem appealing at first glance, they often fall short in terms of quality and personalized care, leading to vision issues in the long run. Purchasing glasses from your optometrist is the best choice for ensuring optimal vision and eye health.

Eyes on Plainville offers a wide range of glasses options for every budget and every style–we are happy to assist you in finding the perfect pair. It all starts with an eye exam.

Personalized Service

Optometrists are experts in comprehensive eye care, going beyond basic vision assessment to conduct in-depth examinations of eye health and functionality. A visit to an optometrist involves a detailed evaluation with advanced equipment to accurately determine your prescription needs and make sure that your eyewear precisely suits your vision. 

Optometrists are skilled in detecting and managing eye diseases early, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, and offer customized eye care advice to enhance your vision health, tailored to your lifestyle. 

Regular appointments with your optometrist provide personalized, holistic care for not just correcting vision but also protecting against eye health problems, ensuring your glasses or contacts are ideally matched to your needs.

Accurate Prescription

The accuracy of prescription lenses is crucial when buying eyeglasses to make sure that they effectively correct visual impairments and provide clear vision. 

Optometrists use advanced diagnostic tools and conduct detailed tests, including focusing abilities, eye coordination, and identifying refractive errors like nearsightedness, the most common refractive error, or astigmatism, to precisely determine your optical needs. 

The high precision in measuring and fitting glasses, considering factors such as pupil distance and face shape, is vital for comfort and effectiveness, a level of detail not always achievable with online glasses orders due to reliance on self-measurements and less accurate tests. 

Quality Assurance

Optometrists work with reputable suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that the glasses they provide meet high-quality standards. From lens materials to frame durability, optometrists prioritize quality to ensure that your glasses not only improve your vision but also stand the test of time.

Proper Lens Alignment

Incorrectly aligned lenses in glasses can cause distorted vision, leading to disorientation, discomfort, headaches, and eye strain, as they hamper the ability to focus correctly. Precise lens alignment is crucial for effective vision correction that not only improves sight but ensures comfort. 

Optometrists leverage their training and specialized equipment for accurate lens measurement and alignment, considering individual factors like facial measurements, eye distance, and specific prescriptions. This personalized fitting ensures lenses are optimally positioned for clear and comfortable vision.

Conversely, online or budget eyewear alternatives often lack this personalized precision, using generic sizes and prescriptions that may not suit individual needs. This can result in ill-fitting glasses that fail to correct vision adequately, causing discomfort and potentially long-term vision problems. 

The difference underscores the importance of opting for professional optometric services for quality eyewear solutions. By choosing expert care, you make sure your glasses not only correct your vision but are also precisely tailored to your needs, avoiding the issues associated with improperly aligned lenses and enhancing overall visual health.

Regular Follow-ups

Optometrists offer ongoing support and follow-up appointments to monitor your eye health and make sure that your glasses continue to meet your needs. If any adjustments or changes are necessary, your optometrist can make them promptly, helping to maintain optimal vision and comfort.

Preserving Eye Health

Poorly fitted or low-quality glasses can lead to eye strain, and headaches, and exacerbate vision problems due to inadequate correction and discomfort. Such issues can affect concentration, productivity, and overall mood, and potentially worsen existing vision conditions by forcing the eyes into unnatural positions. 

Opting for glasses from your optometrist is a significant investment in your visual health and comfort. Optometrists use their expertise to provide glasses that are custom-fitted to your individual needs, considering facial structure and vision requirements, with high-quality materials that endure daily use. 

This not only improves your vision but also minimizes the need for adjustments or replacements, promoting long-term eye health and well-being. Therefore, selecting eyewear from your optometrist isn’t just about immediate vision improvement; it’s about protecting your future eye health and quality of life.

An optician helping a female customer pick out the right pair of glasses for her.

Invest in Your Vision with Optometrist-Prescribed Glasses

While the allure of online shopping and cheaper alternatives may be tempting, investing in glasses from your optometrist offers numerous advantages extending beyond mere convenience. From personalized service and accurate prescriptions to quality assurance and ongoing support, optometrists prioritize your vision and eye health above all else. 

So, the next time you need new glasses, consider the long-term benefits of purchasing from your trusted optometrists at Eyes on Plainville. Visit us today and check out our options! Your eyes will thank you for it.

Dr. Sabrina Gaan

Written by Dr. Sabrina Gaan

Dr. Sabrina Gaan is the owner of Eyes on Plainville in Plainville, Massachusetts. She has a particular interest in myopia control and dry eye.

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Biology from San Jose State University while earning her license as a dispensing optician. She decided to move to MA after her VA rotation in Jamaica Plain.

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